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1949 August 16..Historical..WASHINGTON - HOUSING UNITS ALLOTTED TO NORFOLK--Commissioner John Taylor Egan of the Public Housing Administration today hands Rep. Porter Hardy, Jr. (D-VA) a signed "Program Reservation" allotting 3000 low-rent housing dwellings to the Norfolk VA Redevelopment & Housing Authority..Left to right-  .Seated: Richard D. Cooke, Norfolk City Councilman, and Egan..Standing:  Warren J. Vinton, Chief Economist, PHA, Lawrence M. Cox, Executive Director, & George E. Price, Assistant Executive Director, NRHA; Rep. Hardy and John P. Broome, Assistant Commissioner, PHA (AP Wirephoto) (RMB31600STF-HWG)...NEG#.NRHA# 775..